One of our key projects is the play “My Room”

What is the play about?

These are stories of people with diagnosed mental disorders. The heroines and heroes of the play are from different cities of Russia (Tyumen, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nyagan, Zelenograd, Lipetsk, Lyubertsy). The KREATORZ team talked to them personally – about their lives, hobbies, and other people’s attitude towards them. Each interview lasted several hours, then from fragments of these interviews we compiled the dramaturgy of the play.

We made visual images based on what the participants and participants in the performance told about their dreams and associations.

Our awards with this project

The performance was included in the long list of the national theater award «Golden Mask» 2023.

In 2022, the performance was included in the program of all-Russian festivals: “Another One” (Omsk), “OWN” (Ekaterinburg), “ArtMigration” (Ekaterinburg).

The winning performance in the category «For the creation of a social theater project», festival «OWN» 2022.

The winning project of the “Youth Leadership Award 2022” was included in the catalog “72 new reasons to love the Tyumen region even more”

The winning performance of the TSEKH grant competition 2021.

Why this particular topic?

We have friends with mental disorders. And we have long been aware of the problem of negative bias, misunderstanding, labels and cliches applied to people with mental disorders.
This project is a step towards destigmatization and understanding.